Professional Photography Test Shots and Photo Shoots for Models

Fashion ModelModelling is the career dream for many people.

Many young people find modelling a very attractive career path and a lot of more mature people also find the prospect of working in front of the camera or on the catwalk appealing.

Whatever your age or modelling ambitions, please be under no illusions that whilst modelling can be very rewarding it is certainly hard work and potentially a journey destined for disappointment.

Trying modelling before you commit, by arranging some test shots or a short photo shoot may be the best investment you make.  Regardless of whether you want fashion, catalogue, lifestyle or glamour modelling work, this will give you some idea of how a photo shoot is conducted, how a photo studio works and best of all, having a professional photographer give you direction and a set of images.  From your test shot images you can judge whether you have what it takes to progress and you can always ask your photographer for an honest opinion – but you may not be told what you want to hear!

f8 Photo Shots provide a range of low priced photo shoots suitable for test shots or a small modelling portfolio from the centrally based studio facilities in the UK Midlands, Mid Wales, Shropshire and Powys area.  CLICK HERE to see what you get and contact us to make your booking.

Modelling Test Shot Photography

Model and Modelling Test Shot photography

Professional Modelling Test Shot Photography‘Test shots’ – that’s what the title says and it’s exactly what they are.  Test shots are for you to try modelling before you commit to any mega expenditure.

Test shots from f8 Photo Shots are all studio based photo shoots by a professional Photographer lasting half an hour where you can model clothing of your choice, so it could be fashion, catalogue, lifestyle, lingerie, glamour or nude – you choose!

What you get – a full set of adjusted proof images that are natural and not airbrushed or retouched so you see yourself exactly as you are.  From here you can choose to have some of your shots retouched or maybe book a more formal modelling portfolio photo shoot based on your test shot results.


What’s it going to cost?  Not very much!  Just one hour at our basic fee!

Great value so just CLICK HERE to contact us and make your booking.

Christmas Photo Shoot Gift Vouchers

Photo Shoot Gift Vouchers for Christmas

Photograph taken in photo studioPhoto Shoot Gift Vouchers make a great present for Christmas.  The lucky receiver can arrange their photo shoot at any time within a year, so their Gift Voucher can be used to fit into their routine.

The Gift Voucher can be used for almost any style of photography from individual or family portrait, a model portfolio shoot or something a little more glamour or boudoir based.

The photography session can be in studio or on location where travel expenses are covered.

Photo Shoot Gift Vouchers are available for portrait sittings and photo shoots detailed on the f8 Photo Shots website.  CLICK HERE to see the price list detailing what you get.

f8 Photo Shots are centrally located for the Midlands, Mid Wales, Shropshire, Powys, Cheshire and Herefordshire.

Welshpool Photographer

Studio and Portrait Photographer near Welshpool

Portrait photography in the Welshpool area



For a studio portrait photographer in the Welshpool area of Powys f8 Photo Shots can provide individual and family portrait photography in studio, on location and at home.

You can choose from any of the photo shoot packages available or contact and ask for  a specific quote.

CLICK HERE to check out the website ‘home’ page for details.

Calendar Photography

Calendar Photo Shoots

Calendar Photographer and Photo Shoots in the Mildands and Wales UKPersonal Calendar Photo Shoots for your 2014 Calendar are available from f8 Photo Shots, but don’t leave it too late to book your photography session.

For the special price of £150 you get;

A two to three hour photo shoot, including time for clothing changes, a selection of backgrounds, studio sets and lighting arrangements.

You also get a set of proofs from which you can select you top 15 photographs which will be adjusted and retouched for your final Calendar selection.  These will also be presented on a CD so you can use them for prints and on the internet.

Plus your 13 page A3 calendar designed from your image selection and printed by Jessops.

The choice of image style is entirely up to you and can include portraits, fashion, lingerie, glamour and if you want something more daring such as page 3 topless or nude modelling poses.  Your 2014 glamour calendar is only a message away!

To book your Calendar photo shoot please CLICK HERE for the ‘contact’ page.

Pin Up Photo Shoots

1940 style Pin Up photography and photo shoots

1940's Pin Up style photography in the Mildlands and Mid Wales UKPin Up style photo shoots are a very popular choice and offer you the opportunity to model against plain backgrounds making you the star with no distractions.

Classic ‘Pin Up’ images can include dress, skirt and blouse fashions but are mainly glamour, showing models wearing swimwear, lingerie or maybe corsets suited to the 1940’s and 1950’s.  Your background can be a white or simple pastel colour to suit your outfit, using frontal lighting to remove any shadows or alternatively something involving a photo studio set for additional interest.

So, get the 1940’s look with a ‘victory roll’ hairstyle and have your Pin Up images taken by f8 Photo Shots.

Photo shoot packages are available, with some packages also including photo retouching, at standard prices.  CLICK HERE for the prices page to see exactly what you get and what great value for money is available.

f8 Photo Shots are centrally located in the Midlands and Mid Wales and convenient for Shropshire, Herefordshire and Powys.

Photo Shoot Packages

Photograph from a photo shoot package by f8 Photo ShotsPhoto Shoot Packages and Photography in the Midlands Mid Wales UK

Photo Shoot Packages from f8 Photo Shots are available for everyone.

Whether you are a model wanting a modelling portfolio or some one wanting a private confidential boudoir glamour photo shoot as a surprise for your partner the will be a photography package in the f8 range for you choose from.  Photo shoot packages can allow you to be a model for the day, share the shoot with a friend or your family and the level of glamour is entirely up to you.

If however, you want something different just let us know what you want and get a special price for you.

All photo shoot packages include a set of proofs and your favourite photographs presented on a CD so you can make as many prints as you want with a duplicate set prepared for your chosen social website and send to friends via email.

Located centrally for the Midlands and Mid Wales in the UK, f8 Photo Shots provide studio facilities with flash lighting, a selection of backgrounds and studio sets.  Off road parking is available as well as a pick up service from local train stations.

CLICK HERE to see what you get with f8 Photo Shoot packages and check the gallery for a few examples of what can be done.

Pop Up Photo Studio

Glamour Photograph Pop Up Photo Studio and home or location photo shootsPop Up Photo Studio for home or location glamour boudoir photo shoots

Having a ‘Pop Up’ glamour photo studio for your own home photo shoot is a reality, subject to a few considerations, and will allow a range of glamour and boudoir style photographs to be taken.

Glamour Lingerie Photography and Pop Up home photo shootsThe glamour pictures here can all be shot in the average home giving you a lot of options to consider and depending what you home also has to offer, many more shots and variations may be possible.

f8 Photo Shots can bring the lighting and any of the backgrounds and materials to your house and set up a ‘Pop Up’ photo studio.  The style of glamour and what you wear is your choice.  There will be time for several changes of outfit and you get all the help, advice and direction needed for a personal photo shoot at home, or another suitable location if that is what you want.

‘Pop Up’ studio photo shoots are all available at standard prices so CLICK HERE to see what you get.  Please note however that travel cost and a small set up charge will need to be added to the photo shoot package prices.

Glamour portrait photography and Pop Up Photo Studio photography at home

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography and Photo Shoot Packages

Your personal Boudoir photography photo shoot in the Midlands or Mid Wales area is only a telephone call or email away.Image from boudoir photography photo shoot in studio

The content of your boudoir shoot is entirely up to you, whether its sexy lingerie, sexy glamour, looking good naked or something with a fetish element.  You can decide how daring you want to be.  Just pick your boudoir photography style and leave the technical stuff to f8 Photo Shots.

We give you lots of advice, posing direction and sneak previews of the shots as they are taken to make sure you are happy and comfortable with the photos being captured.

There is no pressure to buy or spend more than you want.  After your shoot, you will be sent proof copies of your photos so you select you favourites at your own pace and in your own time.  We will only sell you only what you need for a successful boudoir photography shoot!

We are located centrally for all areas in the Midlands and Mid Wales and the f8 Photo Shots photography studio facility offers a range of backgrounds, settings and lighting options to fit most photography requests.  However, if you prefer a home or location based photo shoot as a more suitable arrangement let us know and we can let you know what we can do.

Boudoir photography can be accommodated in any of the photo shoot packages listed on the f8 Photo Shots prices page so CLICK HERE to go directly there.  You will see that the prices will not break your bank and will give you good value for money.

If this is not enough to give you the confidence to book your photo shoot just CLICK HERE to contact us with your enquiry and ask your questions.

Shropshire Model Portfolio Photographer

Model Portfolio and Studio Photographer in Shropshire Midlands

Fashion model photograph by Shropshire model portfolio photographer


Fact – Models need a modelling portfolio of images showing your look and modelling ability to attract photo shoots and modelling work.

It is often difficult to find a photographer with a suitable photographic studio facilities and the expertise required capturing the images to start your portfolio.

f8 Photo Shots can help you to establish your portfolio with a range of images covering the style of your chosen modelling career.  A selection of modelling photo shoot packages is available that will not ‘break the bank’ and provide images designed to show you and your modelling ability.


From here you can expand you model portfolio with additional Glamour model photograph by Shrtopshire model portfolio photographerphoto shoots, working with other photographers and copies of images from the work you get.

Located centrally for all locations in the Midlands and Mid Wales, f8 Photo Shots is convenient for Shropshire based models and has a flexible studio working area that offers a range of options, backgrounds and built studio sets suitable for all modelling styles from Catalogue Fashion to magazine Glamour.

CLICK HERE to see the f8 Photo Shots prices page showing what you get with each of our photo shoot packages.

Retro Photo Shoots

Page 3 glamour photography and photo shootsRetro Photo Shoot Studio Photographer Midlands Mid Wales UK

Retro Photo Shoots can offer you something different to conventional portrait and glamour photography.  If you have an idea and a few outfits that fit with your photo shoot theme, f8 Photo Shots will be pleased to undertake your photo shoot.

Do you fancy being a 20’s flapper, or having a 40’s military style or pin up shoot, a 50’s cinema star shoot, a 60’s ‘mod’ look, a 70’s Blondie shoot with ‘bin bag’ outfit, an 80’s ‘page 3’ style or big hair and padded shoulders look!  You might even want a photography session covering something even earlier?

40's style Pin Up photography and photo shoots


Studio shoots are available or you might want to use a location fitting the period.  Maybe an old railway station, a park bandstand, a particular building, town location, a garden or even you own home may be the ideal location.

If you have a range of outfits that you want try in period style, f8 Photo Shots will be pleased to help fulfil your ideas and dreams.

You can design your own photo shoot and ask for a special price, leaving the technical stuff to f8, or select one of the existing packages detailed on our prices page – CLICK HERE.

Glamour Model Portfolio Shoots

Glamour Model Portfolio Photography and Studio Photo Shoots

Glamour Model Photographer and Studio Photo Shoots in UK Midlands WalesGlamour Models should have a great portfolio showing how good they look and how good they are at photographic modelling.

The Glamour Models portfolio should make people look at the images and show them as sexy, confident or even provocative and erotic photography, depending on the models working levels.  This can range from lingerie and swimwear pin up style modelling, topless page 3 to more revealing nude or erotic modelling.

Your Glamour Model portfolio photography is available from f8 Photo Shots and is normally a studio based photo shoot but location work can be included by prior arrangement.  f8 Photo Shots are located centrally for the UK, Midlands and Mid Wales with local stations and a pick up service available.


CLICK HERE to go to our gallery and see what other models have done.

CLICK HERE to see what you get with each of our glamour photo shoot packages and what it will cost.  If you want something different, the photography packages can be modified to fit your needs or you can send details of what you want and get a special price to fit.

New Models Photo Shoot

Model Portfolio Photography Packages for New Models

New Models Portfolio Photography and Photo Shoot PackagesIf you are a new and aspiring model, knowing where to start can be difficult.

You will definitely need a model portfolio of good quality images to attract modelling work from photographers and casting agents.  It does not matter what style of modelling you want to do or whether its fashion, catalogue, glamour, lifestyle or even body parts modelling your images are your business card.

The best way to start is finding a photographer whose work you really like and book your portfolio photo shoot with them.  Yes, it will cost you money, but this is an investment in your modelling career.

f8 Photo Shots provide a range of competitively priced photo shoot packages and studio facilities suitable for model portfolios.  Some photography packages include image retouching so you can have the benefit of both non-retouched and retouched images in your portfolio.

CLICK HERE for the f8 Photo Shots photography prices to see what you get with your photo shoot.

CLICK HERE to view the f8 Photo Shots image Gallery.

Dating website photography

Dating website picture photography photo shoots

Dating website photography and studio photo shootsPhoto’s for your favourite dating sites need to have impact so that you stand out from the crowd in the most attractive and flattering way. The first attraction is always visual and so your dating website images have to show you as you really want to be seen!

Sadly, too many people rely on camera phone images or self shot images in the mirror to attract a partner?  Are you competing with attractive and professional shots taken at a studio photo shoot?

What do your photographs say about you?  Do they say, “I can’t be bothered to look my best” or, do they say “look at me I have class, style and personality”?

First impressions count and your photographs will be the first item seen on a dating website, even before your profile is read.

Professional photo shoot packages are available from f8 Photo Shots that can include any style of posing from portraits to glamour allowing you to both attract and maybe tease your prospective partner.  All photography packages include internet ready images and some also include photo retouching so you can make even more of what know is a wonderful person.

To see what you get with an f8 Photo Shots studio photography package CLICK HERE for the prices page.

Friends Photo Shoot

Friends Photo Shoots and studio photography

Friends photo shoots in photogrpahy studioWhy not get together for a friends photo shoot?  Have fun and enjoy sharing time together in front of a camera and studio lighting?

f8 Photo Shots offer professional photography and studio facilities for you and your friends to enjoy a photo shoot experience.

You can choose how you want to model including portraits, fashion, lingerie and glamour.  Your photo shoot can include individual time in the studio or shoot in pairs and pose as a group together.

Friends photo shoots are all available at standard prices ranging from a basic one hour shoot to three hours or even longer by arrangement and to see what you get CLICK HERE for the prices page.

Mid Wales Photographer

Mid Wales Photographer Studio and Photo Shoots

Professional Mid Wales Photographer photo studio and photo shoots


f8 Photo Shots are Photographers and Photo Studio located in Mid Wales and provide a selection of photo shoots including portrait sessions, model portfolios, glamour and boudoir photography.

Your photo shoot and photography can be in the studio facilities provided by f8 Photo Shots or at your home.

Several photo shoot packages are available covering most options but you can also ask for an individual photography package to suit your specific requirement.

CLICK HERE and you will see what you get and what it costs.

Glamour Portfolio Photographers

Glamour Portfolio Photographers and Photo Shoots

Glamour Photographers and Glamour Photo Shoots in studio home or location

Glamour photo shoots are all part of the range of photography services offered by f8 Photo Shots professional glamour photographers.

Your own glamour portfolio can be shot in studio, on location or even at home by an experienced professional glamour photographer.  All it takes is a telephone call or an email message to book your photo shoot and tell us what you want to include.  Is it some sultry lingerie glamour, page three topless, some boudoir style photography or something a little more daring?

CLICK HERE for price details and what is included.

CLICK HERE for our gallery of photo shoot ideas.

Modelling Portfolio Photo Shoots

Modelling Portfolio Photographer and Photo Shoots

Modelling Portfolio Photographer and Photo ShootsModelling is a dream for many people and having the right model portfolio photographer to take your images is very important.  Without those images you modelling portfolio will not attract bookings for photo shoots.

f8 Photo Shots have a range of photo shoots designed to provide images for model portfolios including the budget two hour photo shoot up to a comprehensive full day photo shoot.

The photo shoots are organised and arranged by a very experienced professional photographer in a studio using a selection of studio sets and lighting or on location, or both.

The images taken will be especially suited to you modelling ambitions and can include portraits, fashion or glamour settings.  All you have to do is choose your modelling style.

To see what you get CLICK HERE to see the prices page.

Professional Escort Photography

Escort Photography and Professional Glamour Photo Shoots

Professional Escort Photographer and glamour Photo ShootsProfessional Escorts need to impress their customers at first glance and your photographs must be good enough to do this for you.

First impressions count and your photographs must stand out to do this.

Book a professional photo shoot with f8 Photo Shots, an experienced glamour photographer, and you will get the style of images to do this.  With many years experience and studio facilities available you can confidently book your photo shoot with f8 to suit the image styles you want.  Location photo shoots can also be arranged.

The f8 Photo Shots website has lots of information and examples of the photography available with some photo shoot packages including image retouching and if you require a mask or a little disguise this can be included too!

Internet ready images from your photo shoot are presented on CD.

CLICK HERE for the Escort Photography page on the website.

Midlands Photo Shoots

Photo shoots and Photographers in the Midlands

Photo shoot and photographers in the MidlandsFor photo shoots in the Midlands take a look at the f8 Photo Shots website where you will find details of a great range of photography package options at value for money prices.

If you want glamour, boudoir, portrait or fashion style photography for you or your model portfolio the photo shoots from f8 are ideal.  Some photo shoot packages include image retouching and all packages include your images on CD.

f8 Photo Shots can provide studio facilities and are convenient for the Midlands and Mid Wales area with station pick up available if required.  Alternatively you can book a home or location photo shoot.

CLICK HERE to see the prices page and top value for money.

CLICK HERE to visit the website with lots of useful information.

Model for a Day Photography

Model for a Day photo shoots by f8 Photo Shots Photography

Model for a Day photo shoot and studio photographerIf you have ever wanted to experience what it’s like to be a model then you can book your own ‘Model for a Day’ photo shoot.

To be exact, photo shoots can last anything from a basic hour to a full day if you think you have the staying power – it can be hard work for both model and photographer.  You don’t have to be a model or have any previous modelling or photo shoots experience – just a lot of enthusiasm and personality.


You choose what style of photography you want.  This can include portraits, editorial and catalogue fashion, lingerie and swimwear or even page three and glamour.  This is your call and you also decide how long you want to model

Whatever photography style you choose f8 Photo Shots Photography will arrange your photo shoot for you including the studio sets, lighting, props, standby wardrobe items and accessories.  You get edited proof images and a selection of the shots taken on a CD.

Model of a Day photo shoots are available at standard prices so CLICK HERE to go straight there.

If you want to know more about f8 Photo Shots Photography, CLICK HERE for the website home page.

Boudoir Photo Shoots

Boudoir Photo Shoots

Boudoir Photo Shoots and Studio Photographer

For your boudoir photo shoot f8 Photo Shots offer a range of competitively priced photography products to suit most needs.

Whether it’s a boudoir photo shoot including sexy portraits, lingerie or something a little more daring, f8 will provide a personal service to fit whatever takes your fancy and it goes without saying, f8 also give you the necessary skill and expertise required for your photo session.


Your boudoir photo shoot can be in studio, on location or even at your home and before your photo shoot you get a lot of advice and as much direction as you need to make your photo shoot a success.

To see what you get with an f8 Photo Shots boudoir photo shoot and what it costs click here for the prices page.

To find out more about f8 Photo Shots and the photography it provides click here.

Mature Model Photo Shoots

Mature Model Photo Shoots and Studio Photography

mature model photography studio and location photo shootsPhoto Shoots for mature models are available from f8 Photo Shots for a wide range of photography.

If you are looking for a photo shoot for yourself, a partner or a friend the range of photo shoot options will cover most wishes.   The f8 Photo Shots photo shoot packages cover everything from portraits to a couples photo shoot including fashion, glamour, boudoir and photo studio experience photography sessions.  You can even use a Gift Voucher for a modelling portfolio.

To see what photo shoots include CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE to find the home page for f8 Photo Shots and what they can offer.

Lingerie Model Portfolio Photography

Lingerie Model Portfolio Photography and Photo Studio

Lingerie Model Portfolio Photographer and studio photo shoots


Model portfolio images are essential if you want to build a modelling portfolio and become a lingerie model.

Your confidence and style should all be shown in you model portfolio images as well as your looks and figure.  You will need suitable variety in you images and therefore finding a photographer and a studio able to produce what you need is very important.

f8 Photo Shots offer some well priced photo shoots and model portfolio packages with details given on their website.  Check out the prices page to see what you get by clicking here and for details of the full range of options click here for the home page.


Glamour Model Portfolio Photography

Professional Glamour Model Portfolio Photography

Glamour Model Portfolio Photograoher and studio photo shoots


Your Glamour Model Portfolio is essential for your career and must be top quality.  f8 Photo Shots offer studio and location based photography services specialising in glamour photography and backed by extensive experience working with glamour models.

The photo shoot packages offered by f8 Photo Shots are competitively priced to be affordable and available to any prospective model.  Click here to see the prices page  and what you get for your money and click here for the home page and more information.

Photographic Model Portfolios

Photography services for photographic model portfolios

Professional Photography for Photographic Model Portfolios


Photographic models must have a professional looking model portfolio to attract customers and casting agents.  It is your business card and investment in you future career.

f8 Photo Shots offer professional photography services including studio or location based model portfolio photo shoots.

Competitively priced photography packages offering excellent value for money are available and full details of what you get and what it costs can be found by clicking here to go to the f8 Photo Shots home page.

Photo Shoot Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers for Photographic photo shoots

Photo Shoot Gift Vouchers from f8 Photo Shots professional photographers

Photography Gift Vouchers for model portfolio, boudoir and experience photo shoot packages can be obtained at standard prices for f8 Photo Shots.

Studio based photo shoots can be arranged with a Gift Voucher to include any style of photography you want and make a great present at a competitive price.

Each photographic package is complete and there are no hidden charges or fees.  See what it costs by clicking here.

To find out more about f8 Photo Shots visit the home page by clicking here.


Fashion Model Portfolio Photography

Photography services for fashion model portfolios

Fashion model protfolio photographer and studio photography services



Professional Photography services providing studio or location based fashion model portfolio photo shoots are available from f8 Photo Shots.

Offering excellent value for money, the full details of what you get and what it costs can be found by clicking here.

Fashion Glamour Model Portfolios

Fashion Glamour and Photographic Model Portfolio Photography

Fashion Glamour and Photographic Model Portfolio Photography in UK Midland and WalesIf you want to be a model, the main and top essential item for any model is a photographic portfolio.

The better quality portfolio it is, the more likely a model will get bookings and modelling work!  This may seem obvious but it’s amazing how many prospective models try to start their career and have expectations of success with few self shot images on a camera phone!

Put yourself in the place of a photographer or photo shoot director who is selecting a model for an important photography job and ask which pictures would make me choose the right model?

So, where do you fit into this?

Are you in the camera phone picture taken in your bedroom or in the professional studio images?

Professional Photo Shoots

Professional Photography for Fashion Glamour and Photographic Model Portfolios It is true to say that a professional photo shoot costs money and some photographers can be very expensive.  But this need not be the case.  It’s a matter of shopping round to find the right photographer at the right price for you.  The most important consideration is finding a photographer whose work you like and who is experienced in your style of modelling and knows what images to include in your photo shoot.  Once you find your photographer negotiate a deal.  Better still try to find two photographers who will do you a deal, so you can have different styles in you portfolio.

Your portfolio shoot is a business investment and you may have to speculate to accumulate!

WARNING: Avoid photo shoot chains and coupon offers!  They inevitably work on a production line basis and your shots will be the same as the person before you and the person that follows you.  The images may not be suitable for a portfolio and it’s also likely that you will end up spending more than you intended!

f8 Photo Shots

Fashion Glamour and Photographic Model Portfolio Photography Midlands Wales and UK


Now you have found the f8 Photo Shots photography website you can take a look at what we can do for you and the great value prices and photo shoot packages we offer.

If you decide you want to look elsewhere – thanks for looking anyway.

If you like what you see and want to book a photo shoot, get in touch using the ‘contact’ form or by phoning 01588 620933 or 07873 657815.

Midlands and Shropshire Photographers

f8 Photo Shots photographers in the Midlands and Shropshire

Shropshire Midlands Photographers portrait and model portfolio photo studio services


f8 Photo Shots is a well established and experienced photographers in the Shropshire area of the Midlands.

With some well equipped studio facilities and over twenty year experience in the photography trade f8 Photo Shots offer a range of photo shoot packages and bespoke photography services.  If you prefer arranging a home or location photo shoot your enquiry is very welcome.

The photo shoots packages and photography sessions available can be used for portraits, family photo shoots, model portfolios, glamour photo shoots and boudoir style photography sessions.

Friendly, professional and personal service feature highly with photographer Graham Betts who deals with every enquiry personally to ensure you get the best information and advice possible before your photography session.

Details of the great value photography packages can be found on the website prices page and if you want something different please let f8 Photo Shoots know and get a personal quote.  Photo shoot Gift Vouchers are also available.

Booking your photo shoot is easy using the website contact form and telephone enquiries are also very welcome.

Shrewsbury Photographer

Photographers near Shrewsbury and Shropshire

Shrewsbury Photographers and Photo Shoots in Shropshire f8 Photo Shots photography provide photographer services in the Shrewsbury and Shropshire area of the Midlands.

Specialising in portrait and model portfolio photography in a studio, on location or home f8 Photo Shots offer a range of photo shoot packages to suit most needs.  Check the prices page for more details of what you get in your photo shoot and what great value is offered.

Gift Vouchers are also available if you want to give a surprise photo shoot as a present.

Photo shoots can include any style of portrait or modelling from head shots and fashion to glamour or nude, if that is what you are looking for.  With most photo shoot packages you get your images on CD to make as many prints as you like and upload photographs onto your favourite social media website such as Facebook and Twitter.

The f8 Photo Shots studio is convenient for Shrewsbury, Shropshire and the surrounding area.