Professional Photography Test Shots and Photo Shoots for Models

Fashion ModelModelling is the career dream for many people.

Many young people find modelling a very attractive career path and a lot of more mature people also find the prospect of working in front of the camera or on the catwalk appealing.

Whatever your age or modelling ambitions, please be under no illusions that whilst modelling can be very rewarding it is certainly hard work and potentially a journey destined for disappointment.

Trying modelling before you commit, by arranging some test shots or a short photo shoot may be the best investment you make.  Regardless of whether you want fashion, catalogue, lifestyle or glamour modelling work, this will give you some idea of how a photo shoot is conducted, how a photo studio works and best of all, having a professional photographer give you direction and a set of images.  From your test shot images you can judge whether you have what it takes to progress and you can always ask your photographer for an honest opinion – but you may not be told what you want to hear!

f8 Photo Shots provide a range of low priced photo shoots suitable for test shots or a small modelling portfolio from the centrally based studio facilities in the UK Midlands, Mid Wales, Shropshire and Powys area.  CLICK HERE to see what you get and contact us to make your booking.