New Models

So you want to be a model in the UK

If you want to be a model the most important items you need are your model portfolio, the right attitude, confidence and real ability.

Modelling Portfolio

Model portfolio photogrpaher and photo shoots in the UK Midlands and WalesWithout a modelling portfolio, your work options do not exist and a set of camera phone images taken in the mirror won’t cut it either.  Your photographic and portfolio images have to make you stand out from the crowd.

To get those essential quality images in your model portfolio, the quickest and best way to get them is to find an experienced photographer and pay for a photo shoot.  The advantage of paying for your photo shoot is that you are in control and the photographer has to deliver what you need.

Your portfolio is an investment in yourself and your modelling career.  Just like any other business, investment is required.  If you are not prepared to invest in yourself, are you really serious about your career and why should anyone else invest in you?

TFP TFCD – Time for Prints or CD

Model portfolio photogrpaher and photo shoots in the UK Midlands and WalesSome models try to rely on TF photo shoots for their model portfolio, meaning that they give their time to a photographer in exchange for images, but the TF method has significant problems and it may take a long time to get the shots you need.  Do not be mislead to believe that TF is something for nothing.

For example, the photographer may not be experienced and is probably doing the shoot for his/her reasons, which may not fit with yours.  The style of images taken in the shoot may not be what your model portfolio needs and TF puts the photographer in charge.

TF with a good photographer however, is a good way of updating your portfolio allowing a steady renewal of images as you and fashion or style changes.

Professional Modelling Attitude

Model portfolio photogrpaher and photo shoots in the UK Midlands and WalesAlways remember that you, as ‘the Model’ work for others.  The other people involved in the photo shoot are not there to fit in with you.

Be prompt, professional, ultra reliable and considerate towards your clients.  Anything less gets you a bad reputation that will spread quickly and be honest about your statistics.  If you’re a UK size 12, don’t claim to be a size 8.

Be prepared to give that little extra to a photo shoot.  This gets you a lot of credit and the prospect of further bookings.

Learn Make Up skills and always take your own make up products.  Not every photo shoot will have a stylis and you should check this as part of the photo shoot details.

Your modelling ability

Before you start modelling, decide what your levels are going to be and stick to them.  Only do glamour, topless, nude or adult level modelling if you are prepared for your family, friends and employers to see whatever you expose.

When you have decided modelling levels, look at the style, poses and, very importantly, the expressions used by models working in that areas.  Magazines and the internet are full of examples.

UK Midlands and Mid Wales Photographer

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