Modelling Test Shot Photography

Model and Modelling Test Shot photography

Professional Modelling Test Shot Photography‘Test shots’ – that’s what the title says and it’s exactly what they are.  Test shots are for you to try modelling before you commit to any mega expenditure.

Test shots from f8 Photo Shots are all studio based photo shoots by a professional Photographer lasting half an hour where you can model clothing of your choice, so it could be fashion, catalogue, lifestyle, lingerie, glamour or nude – you choose!

What you get – a full set of adjusted proof images that are natural and not airbrushed or retouched so you see yourself exactly as you are.  From here you can choose to have some of your shots retouched or maybe book a more formal modelling portfolio photo shoot based on your test shot results.


What’s it going to cost?  Not very much!  Just one hour at our basic fee!

Great value so just CLICK HERE to contact us and make your booking.

Calendar Photography

Calendar Photo Shoots

Calendar Photographer and Photo Shoots in the Mildands and Wales UKPersonal Calendar Photo Shoots for your 2014 Calendar are available from f8 Photo Shots, but don’t leave it too late to book your photography session.

For the special price of £150 you get;

A two to three hour photo shoot, including time for clothing changes, a selection of backgrounds, studio sets and lighting arrangements.

You also get a set of proofs from which you can select you top 15 photographs which will be adjusted and retouched for your final Calendar selection.  These will also be presented on a CD so you can use them for prints and on the internet.

Plus your 13 page A3 calendar designed from your image selection and printed by Jessops.

The choice of image style is entirely up to you and can include portraits, fashion, lingerie, glamour and if you want something more daring such as page 3 topless or nude modelling poses.  Your 2014 glamour calendar is only a message away!

To book your Calendar photo shoot please CLICK HERE for the ‘contact’ page.

Pin Up Photo Shoots

1940 style Pin Up photography and photo shoots

1940's Pin Up style photography in the Mildlands and Mid Wales UKPin Up style photo shoots are a very popular choice and offer you the opportunity to model against plain backgrounds making you the star with no distractions.

Classic ‘Pin Up’ images can include dress, skirt and blouse fashions but are mainly glamour, showing models wearing swimwear, lingerie or maybe corsets suited to the 1940’s and 1950’s.  Your background can be a white or simple pastel colour to suit your outfit, using frontal lighting to remove any shadows or alternatively something involving a photo studio set for additional interest.

So, get the 1940’s look with a ‘victory roll’ hairstyle and have your Pin Up images taken by f8 Photo Shots.

Photo shoot packages are available, with some packages also including photo retouching, at standard prices.  CLICK HERE for the prices page to see exactly what you get and what great value for money is available.

f8 Photo Shots are centrally located in the Midlands and Mid Wales and convenient for Shropshire, Herefordshire and Powys.

Friends Photo Shoot

Friends Photo Shoots and studio photography

Friends photo shoots in photogrpahy studioWhy not get together for a friends photo shoot?  Have fun and enjoy sharing time together in front of a camera and studio lighting?

f8 Photo Shots offer professional photography and studio facilities for you and your friends to enjoy a photo shoot experience.

You can choose how you want to model including portraits, fashion, lingerie and glamour.  Your photo shoot can include individual time in the studio or shoot in pairs and pose as a group together.

Friends photo shoots are all available at standard prices ranging from a basic one hour shoot to three hours or even longer by arrangement and to see what you get CLICK HERE for the prices page.

Glamour Portfolio Photographers

Glamour Portfolio Photographers and Photo Shoots

Glamour Photographers and Glamour Photo Shoots in studio home or location

Glamour photo shoots are all part of the range of photography services offered by f8 Photo Shots professional glamour photographers.

Your own glamour portfolio can be shot in studio, on location or even at home by an experienced professional glamour photographer.  All it takes is a telephone call or an email message to book your photo shoot and tell us what you want to include.  Is it some sultry lingerie glamour, page three topless, some boudoir style photography or something a little more daring?

CLICK HERE for price details and what is included.

CLICK HERE for our gallery of photo shoot ideas.

Model for a Day Photography

Model for a Day photo shoots by f8 Photo Shots Photography

Model for a Day photo shoot and studio photographerIf you have ever wanted to experience what it’s like to be a model then you can book your own ‘Model for a Day’ photo shoot.

To be exact, photo shoots can last anything from a basic hour to a full day if you think you have the staying power – it can be hard work for both model and photographer.  You don’t have to be a model or have any previous modelling or photo shoots experience – just a lot of enthusiasm and personality.


You choose what style of photography you want.  This can include portraits, editorial and catalogue fashion, lingerie and swimwear or even page three and glamour.  This is your call and you also decide how long you want to model

Whatever photography style you choose f8 Photo Shots Photography will arrange your photo shoot for you including the studio sets, lighting, props, standby wardrobe items and accessories.  You get edited proof images and a selection of the shots taken on a CD.

Model of a Day photo shoots are available at standard prices so CLICK HERE to go straight there.

If you want to know more about f8 Photo Shots Photography, CLICK HERE for the website home page.

Boudoir Photo Shoots

Boudoir Photo Shoots

Boudoir Photo Shoots and Studio Photographer

For your boudoir photo shoot f8 Photo Shots offer a range of competitively priced photography products to suit most needs.

Whether it’s a boudoir photo shoot including sexy portraits, lingerie or something a little more daring, f8 will provide a personal service to fit whatever takes your fancy and it goes without saying, f8 also give you the necessary skill and expertise required for your photo session.


Your boudoir photo shoot can be in studio, on location or even at your home and before your photo shoot you get a lot of advice and as much direction as you need to make your photo shoot a success.

To see what you get with an f8 Photo Shots boudoir photo shoot and what it costs click here for the prices page.

To find out more about f8 Photo Shots and the photography it provides click here.

Lingerie Model Portfolio Photography

Lingerie Model Portfolio Photography and Photo Studio

Lingerie Model Portfolio Photographer and studio photo shoots


Model portfolio images are essential if you want to build a modelling portfolio and become a lingerie model.

Your confidence and style should all be shown in you model portfolio images as well as your looks and figure.  You will need suitable variety in you images and therefore finding a photographer and a studio able to produce what you need is very important.

f8 Photo Shots offer some well priced photo shoots and model portfolio packages with details given on their website.  Check out the prices page to see what you get by clicking here and for details of the full range of options click here for the home page.


West Midlands Model Portfolios

Model Portfolio Photography Photo Shoots in the West Midlands

Model Portfolio PhotographerProfessional Photography for Model Portfolios in the West Midlands and Shropshire are available from f8 Photo Shots, a very experienced professional Photographer.

Your studio based portfolio photo shoot can also be combined with some location work.

Whatever style of modelling you want to include, whether its fashion, catalogue, swimwear, lingerie or glamour, f8 Photo Shots can provide a model portfolio photo shoot and images to fit.

All photo shoots include a set of proofs sent directly to you so you can choose your best shots in your own time and, if you need a bit of guidance, that’s available too!


Photo shoot include all that you need from proofs to finished images on CD.


f8 Photo Shots also provide excellent value for money photo shoots with details given on the ‘prices’ page, so please take a look around the website and contact us with your enquiry or make you booking.



Bishops Castle Portfolio Photographer

Bishops Castle Photo Studio and Model Portfolio Photographer

Model Portfolio PhotographerFor a model portfolio photo shoot and studio or location photography in Bishops Castle in Shropshire, the local photo studio run by f8 Photo Shots provide a range of photo shoot options for you to choose from.

High quality and competitively priced, the f8 Photo Shot photography packages offer great value for money and give you the digital images you need for making prints and uploading to your website and on line portfolio.  Alternatively, f8 Photo Shots can do your prints as optional extras.

Included in all model portfolio photo shoot packages are a set of proofs and edited and adjusted images.  The f8 Photo Shots half day and full day photo shoots include image retouching as standard.


If you don’t see what you want in photo shoot packages, f8 Photo Shots can design a photo shoot to fit you specific needs. Just tell us your ideas and what you want to include.

The content of your photo shoot and portfolio will need to fit your modelling ambitions and can include fashion, catalogue, swimwear, lingerie or boudoir glamour as well as portrait shots.  You simply decide what you want and these will be included in the photo shoot.

f8 Photo Girls 2015

f8 Photo Girls shoots will be available again in 2015.

f8 Photo Girl Photogrpaher and Photo ShootsOne f8 Photo Girl shoot will be available each month during 2015 and are a great opportunity to have a studio photo shoot experience, starting a portfolio or extending an existing portfolio.

You don’t have to be a model – just have the right look and attitude, personality, lots of enthusiasm and willing to work outside your comfort zone and push your limits – a bit like Strictly Come Dancing – doing somethinGlamour Photography and stuio Photo shoot packagesg different and new!

You also get a lot from the photo shoot including a minimum two hour studio photo shoot, a set of proofs and seven airbrush retouched images on CD.  You also get extra f8 Photo Girl branded images, as and when they are produced and published getting you a lot of publicity too!

The choice of image content can include anything from portraits, fashion, swimwear, lingerie and sexy glamour, all of which is agreed before your photo shoot and you will not be asked to do anything you don’t want to!

f8 Photo Girl shoots are available to anyone between sizes 6 to 14, aged 18+ and there is no upper age limit, so come on you photo girls in your 40’s, 50′ and 60’s lets see what you can do!

Photo shoots for f8 Photo Girl are limited and by selection to suit image requirements, and because publication is required you will need to sign a Model Release giving permission to publish.


Model Portfolio Photographer Photo Shoots Newtown Powys

Newtown Powys Model Portfolio Photography and Photo Shoots

Glamour swimwear photogrpahy showing girls in bikini'sIf you need a Model Portfolio Photographer or a personal Photo Shoot in the Newtown area of Powys in Mid Wales, f8 Photo Shots provide specialist professional studio and location based photography.

Photo shoots are available to everyone in the Newtown area and you can even share your shoot with a partner or friend.

With well equipped local studio facilities available offering a range of backgrounds, lighting, props and studio sets f8 offer superb value for money photo shoot packages at stunning prices.  Some photo shoot packages also include photo retouching as standard with full details given on the ‘Prices’  page.

Images are provided on CD and the content of your photo shoot will depend on how and where you want to use it.

You may just want a photo shoot to enjoy studio style photography or surprise someone with a gift of personal images.  Alternatively, if you want to start a modelling career you will want a set of good quality image to offer to clients and agencies.