Model for a Day Photography

Model for a Day photo shoots by f8 Photo Shots Photography

Model for a Day photo shoot and studio photographerIf you have ever wanted to experience what it’s like to be a model then you can book your own ‘Model for a Day’ photo shoot.

To be exact, photo shoots can last anything from a basic hour to a full day if you think you have the staying power – it can be hard work for both model and photographer.  You don’t have to be a model or have any previous modelling or photo shoots experience – just a lot of enthusiasm and personality.


You choose what style of photography you want.  This can include portraits, editorial and catalogue fashion, lingerie and swimwear or even page three and glamour.  This is your call and you also decide how long you want to model

Whatever photography style you choose f8 Photo Shots Photography will arrange your photo shoot for you including the studio sets, lighting, props, standby wardrobe items and accessories.  You get edited proof images and a selection of the shots taken on a CD.

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