Shropshire Model Portfolio Photographer

Model Portfolio and Studio Photographer in Shropshire Midlands

Fashion model photograph by Shropshire model portfolio photographer


Fact – Models need a modelling portfolio of images showing your look and modelling ability to attract photo shoots and modelling work.

It is often difficult to find a photographer with a suitable photographic studio facilities and the expertise required capturing the images to start your portfolio.

f8 Photo Shots can help you to establish your portfolio with a range of images covering the style of your chosen modelling career.  A selection of modelling photo shoot packages is available that will not ‘break the bank’ and provide images designed to show you and your modelling ability.


From here you can expand you model portfolio with additional Glamour model photograph by Shrtopshire model portfolio photographerphoto shoots, working with other photographers and copies of images from the work you get.

Located centrally for all locations in the Midlands and Mid Wales, f8 Photo Shots is convenient for Shropshire based models and has a flexible studio working area that offers a range of options, backgrounds and built studio sets suitable for all modelling styles from Catalogue Fashion to magazine Glamour.

CLICK HERE to see the f8 Photo Shots prices page showing what you get with each of our photo shoot packages.