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For a studio portrait photographer in the Welshpool area of Powys f8 Photo Shots can provide individual and family portrait photography in studio, on location and at home.

You can choose from any of the photo shoot packages available or contact and ask for  a specific quote.

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Pin Up Photo Shoots

1940 style Pin Up photography and photo shoots

1940's Pin Up style photography in the Mildlands and Mid Wales UKPin Up style photo shoots are a very popular choice and offer you the opportunity to model against plain backgrounds making you the star with no distractions.

Classic ‘Pin Up’ images can include dress, skirt and blouse fashions but are mainly glamour, showing models wearing swimwear, lingerie or maybe corsets suited to the 1940’s and 1950’s.  Your background can be a white or simple pastel colour to suit your outfit, using frontal lighting to remove any shadows or alternatively something involving a photo studio set for additional interest.

So, get the 1940’s look with a ‘victory roll’ hairstyle and have your Pin Up images taken by f8 Photo Shots.

Photo shoot packages are available, with some packages also including photo retouching, at standard prices.  CLICK HERE for the prices page to see exactly what you get and what great value for money is available.

f8 Photo Shots are centrally located in the Midlands and Mid Wales and convenient for Shropshire, Herefordshire and Powys.

Photo Shoot Packages

Photograph from a photo shoot package by f8 Photo ShotsPhoto Shoot Packages and Photography in the Midlands Mid Wales UK

Photo Shoot Packages from f8 Photo Shots are available for everyone.

Whether you are a model wanting a modelling portfolio or some one wanting a private confidential boudoir glamour photo shoot as a surprise for your partner the will be a photography package in the f8 range for you choose from.  Photo shoot packages can allow you to be a model for the day, share the shoot with a friend or your family and the level of glamour is entirely up to you.

If however, you want something different just let us know what you want and get a special price for you.

All photo shoot packages include a set of proofs and your favourite photographs presented on a CD so you can make as many prints as you want with a duplicate set prepared for your chosen social website and send to friends via email.

Located centrally for the Midlands and Mid Wales in the UK, f8 Photo Shots provide studio facilities with flash lighting, a selection of backgrounds and studio sets.  Off road parking is available as well as a pick up service from local train stations.

CLICK HERE to see what you get with f8 Photo Shoot packages and check the gallery for a few examples of what can be done.

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography and Photo Shoot Packages

Your personal Boudoir photography photo shoot in the Midlands or Mid Wales area is only a telephone call or email away.Image from boudoir photography photo shoot in studio

The content of your boudoir shoot is entirely up to you, whether its sexy lingerie, sexy glamour, looking good naked or something with a fetish element.  You can decide how daring you want to be.  Just pick your boudoir photography style and leave the technical stuff to f8 Photo Shots.

We give you lots of advice, posing direction and sneak previews of the shots as they are taken to make sure you are happy and comfortable with the photos being captured.

There is no pressure to buy or spend more than you want.  After your shoot, you will be sent proof copies of your photos so you select you favourites at your own pace and in your own time.  We will only sell you only what you need for a successful boudoir photography shoot!

We are located centrally for all areas in the Midlands and Mid Wales and the f8 Photo Shots photography studio facility offers a range of backgrounds, settings and lighting options to fit most photography requests.  However, if you prefer a home or location based photo shoot as a more suitable arrangement let us know and we can let you know what we can do.

Boudoir photography can be accommodated in any of the photo shoot packages listed on the f8 Photo Shots prices page so CLICK HERE to go directly there.  You will see that the prices will not break your bank and will give you good value for money.

If this is not enough to give you the confidence to book your photo shoot just CLICK HERE to contact us with your enquiry and ask your questions.

Dating website photography

Dating website picture photography photo shoots

Dating website photography and studio photo shootsPhoto’s for your favourite dating sites need to have impact so that you stand out from the crowd in the most attractive and flattering way. The first attraction is always visual and so your dating website images have to show you as you really want to be seen!

Sadly, too many people rely on camera phone images or self shot images in the mirror to attract a partner?  Are you competing with attractive and professional shots taken at a studio photo shoot?

What do your photographs say about you?  Do they say, “I can’t be bothered to look my best” or, do they say “look at me I have class, style and personality”?

First impressions count and your photographs will be the first item seen on a dating website, even before your profile is read.

Professional photo shoot packages are available from f8 Photo Shots that can include any style of posing from portraits to glamour allowing you to both attract and maybe tease your prospective partner.  All photography packages include internet ready images and some also include photo retouching so you can make even more of what know is a wonderful person.

To see what you get with an f8 Photo Shots studio photography package CLICK HERE for the prices page.

Mid Wales Photographer

Mid Wales Photographer Studio and Photo Shoots

Professional Mid Wales Photographer photo studio and photo shoots


f8 Photo Shots are Photographers and Photo Studio located in Mid Wales and provide a selection of photo shoots including portrait sessions, model portfolios, glamour and boudoir photography.

Your photo shoot and photography can be in the studio facilities provided by f8 Photo Shots or at your home.

Several photo shoot packages are available covering most options but you can also ask for an individual photography package to suit your specific requirement.

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