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Photographic models must have a professional looking model portfolio to attract customers and casting agents.  It is your business card and investment in you future career.

f8 Photo Shots offer professional photography services including studio or location based model portfolio photo shoots.

Competitively priced photography packages offering excellent value for money are available and full details of what you get and what it costs can be found by clicking here to go to the f8 Photo Shots home page.

Fashion Glamour Model Portfolios

Fashion Glamour and Photographic Model Portfolio Photography

Fashion Glamour and Photographic Model Portfolio Photography in UK Midland and WalesIf you want to be a model, the main and top essential item for any model is a photographic portfolio.

The better quality portfolio it is, the more likely a model will get bookings and modelling work!  This may seem obvious but it’s amazing how many prospective models try to start their career and have expectations of success with few self shot images on a camera phone!

Put yourself in the place of a photographer or photo shoot director who is selecting a model for an important photography job and ask which pictures would make me choose the right model?

So, where do you fit into this?

Are you in the camera phone picture taken in your bedroom or in the professional studio images?

Professional Photo Shoots

Professional Photography for Fashion Glamour and Photographic Model Portfolios It is true to say that a professional photo shoot costs money and some photographers can be very expensive.  But this need not be the case.  It’s a matter of shopping round to find the right photographer at the right price for you.  The most important consideration is finding a photographer whose work you like and who is experienced in your style of modelling and knows what images to include in your photo shoot.  Once you find your photographer negotiate a deal.  Better still try to find two photographers who will do you a deal, so you can have different styles in you portfolio.

Your portfolio shoot is a business investment and you may have to speculate to accumulate!

WARNING: Avoid photo shoot chains and coupon offers!  They inevitably work on a production line basis and your shots will be the same as the person before you and the person that follows you.  The images may not be suitable for a portfolio and it’s also likely that you will end up spending more than you intended!

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Fashion Glamour and Photographic Model Portfolio Photography Midlands Wales and UK


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