Dating website photography

Dating website picture photography photo shoots

Dating website photography and studio photo shootsPhoto’s for your favourite dating sites need to have impact so that you stand out from the crowd in the most attractive and flattering way. The first attraction is always visual and so your dating website images have to show you as you really want to be seen!

Sadly, too many people rely on camera phone images or self shot images in the mirror to attract a partner?  Are you competing with attractive and professional shots taken at a studio photo shoot?

What do your photographs say about you?  Do they say, “I can’t be bothered to look my best” or, do they say “look at me I have class, style and personality”?

First impressions count and your photographs will be the first item seen on a dating website, even before your profile is read.

Professional photo shoot packages are available from f8 Photo Shots that can include any style of posing from portraits to glamour allowing you to both attract and maybe tease your prospective partner.  All photography packages include internet ready images and some also include photo retouching so you can make even more of what know is a wonderful person.

To see what you get with an f8 Photo Shots studio photography package CLICK HERE for the prices page.

Professional Escort Photography

Escort Photography and Professional Glamour Photo Shoots

Professional Escort Photographer and glamour Photo ShootsProfessional Escorts need to impress their customers at first glance and your photographs must be good enough to do this for you.

First impressions count and your photographs must stand out to do this.

Book a professional photo shoot with f8 Photo Shots, an experienced glamour photographer, and you will get the style of images to do this.  With many years experience and studio facilities available you can confidently book your photo shoot with f8 to suit the image styles you want.  Location photo shoots can also be arranged.

The f8 Photo Shots website has lots of information and examples of the photography available with some photo shoot packages including image retouching and if you require a mask or a little disguise this can be included too!

Internet ready images from your photo shoot are presented on CD.

CLICK HERE for the Escort Photography page on the website.

Glamour Model Portfolio Photography

Professional Glamour Model Portfolio Photography

Glamour Model Portfolio Photograoher and studio photo shoots


Your Glamour Model Portfolio is essential for your career and must be top quality.  f8 Photo Shots offer studio and location based photography services specialising in glamour photography and backed by extensive experience working with glamour models.

The photo shoot packages offered by f8 Photo Shots are competitively priced to be affordable and available to any prospective model.  Click here to see the prices page  and what you get for your money and click here for the home page and more information.

Fashion Model Portfolio Photography

Photography services for fashion model portfolios

Fashion model protfolio photographer and studio photography services



Professional Photography services providing studio or location based fashion model portfolio photo shoots are available from f8 Photo Shots.

Offering excellent value for money, the full details of what you get and what it costs can be found by clicking here.

Fashion Glamour Model Portfolios

Fashion Glamour and Photographic Model Portfolio Photography

Fashion Glamour and Photographic Model Portfolio Photography in UK Midland and WalesIf you want to be a model, the main and top essential item for any model is a photographic portfolio.

The better quality portfolio it is, the more likely a model will get bookings and modelling work!  This may seem obvious but it’s amazing how many prospective models try to start their career and have expectations of success with few self shot images on a camera phone!

Put yourself in the place of a photographer or photo shoot director who is selecting a model for an important photography job and ask which pictures would make me choose the right model?

So, where do you fit into this?

Are you in the camera phone picture taken in your bedroom or in the professional studio images?

Professional Photo Shoots

Professional Photography for Fashion Glamour and Photographic Model Portfolios It is true to say that a professional photo shoot costs money and some photographers can be very expensive.  But this need not be the case.  It’s a matter of shopping round to find the right photographer at the right price for you.  The most important consideration is finding a photographer whose work you like and who is experienced in your style of modelling and knows what images to include in your photo shoot.  Once you find your photographer negotiate a deal.  Better still try to find two photographers who will do you a deal, so you can have different styles in you portfolio.

Your portfolio shoot is a business investment and you may have to speculate to accumulate!

WARNING: Avoid photo shoot chains and coupon offers!  They inevitably work on a production line basis and your shots will be the same as the person before you and the person that follows you.  The images may not be suitable for a portfolio and it’s also likely that you will end up spending more than you intended!

f8 Photo Shots

Fashion Glamour and Photographic Model Portfolio Photography Midlands Wales and UK


Now you have found the f8 Photo Shots photography website you can take a look at what we can do for you and the great value prices and photo shoot packages we offer.

If you decide you want to look elsewhere – thanks for looking anyway.

If you like what you see and want to book a photo shoot, get in touch using the ‘contact’ form or by phoning 01588 620933 or 07873 657815.

Experience Photo Shoots

Experience and Fun Photo Shoot Photography

Model Portfolio and Portrait Photography StudioExperience and fun Photo Shoots are great if you just want to have quality time front of a camera in a well equipped studio with a professional Photographer who knows the ropes and techniques for superb images.

Even if you don’t want to be a model, you can be a ‘model for a day’ and even share your photo shoot with a friend or partner and double your fun!

All of the photo shoot packages on the website prices page are available and you can choose what style of images you want or give a general idea to me and I will set the studio to fit.  You also get advice on preparation, as much direction as you need and lots of encouragement.

Experience Photo Shoot Packages Powys Shropshire Midlands WalesSo! What’s it going to be?  A few portraits, a bit of fashion, some hugging and wrestling (not with me of course), or some dangerously daring glamour!  The possibilities are endless!

Your photo shoot proofs are sent by email after your photo shoot and you can choose your top shots and images for adjustment or retouching whichever is included in your photo shoot package.  The finished images are sent to you on a CD with a set OK for making prints and another set suitable for uploading to the internet and wowing your Facebook friends etc.

We also provide complimentary drinks and snacks, free off road parking and if you need a station pick up, that’s only the cost of my petrol.

Have a look around the site and contact us with your enquiry or book your photo shoot.

f8 Photo Shots are in a great location for Shropshire, Powys, the Midlands and Mid Wales.

West Midlands Model Portfolios

Model Portfolio Photography Photo Shoots in the West Midlands

Model Portfolio PhotographerProfessional Photography for Model Portfolios in the West Midlands and Shropshire are available from f8 Photo Shots, a very experienced professional Photographer.

Your studio based portfolio photo shoot can also be combined with some location work.

Whatever style of modelling you want to include, whether its fashion, catalogue, swimwear, lingerie or glamour, f8 Photo Shots can provide a model portfolio photo shoot and images to fit.

All photo shoots include a set of proofs sent directly to you so you can choose your best shots in your own time and, if you need a bit of guidance, that’s available too!


Photo shoot include all that you need from proofs to finished images on CD.


f8 Photo Shots also provide excellent value for money photo shoots with details given on the ‘prices’ page, so please take a look around the website and contact us with your enquiry or make you booking.



Oswestry Model Portfolio Photography

Model Portfolio Photography for Oswestry Models

Model Portfolio PhotographerOswestry Models can have their own model portfolio photo shoot professionally shot by a Shropshire and Powys based studio Photographer.

If you are looking for a Professional Photo Shoot to start a Modelling Portfolio near to Oswestry in Shropshire then f8 Photo Shots has a full range of photo shoot packages offering everything you need.  Prices are great value and detailed on the prices page.

With well equipped studio facilities available and superb surrounding countryside locations, f8 Photo Shots offer an ideal range of photo shoots suitable for creating a model portfolio or updating an existing portfolio.

From your photo shoot you get a set of edited proofs so you can select which images you want to include in your model portfolio.


Edited and adjusted digital images are given to you on a CD so you can make as many prints as you need and upload to your internet portfolio.  Some portfolio photo shoot packages also include airbrush retouching as standard with full details given on the website ‘prices’ page, where you will also see just how great the prices are.

Simply decide what style of modelling you want to do, whether its fashion, catalogue, swimwear, lingerie, boudoir or glamour, f8 Photo Shots will design a photo shoot to suit you.  Have a look around the website to see what f8 Photo Shots can do in the studio and if you want any help with you photo shoot just ask.

Please use the ‘contact us’ page to make a booking.

Model Portfolio Photo shoots Welshpool Powys Mid Wales

Modelling Portfolio Photo Shoots Welshpool Powys

Modelling Portfolio Photography near Welshpool PowysProfessional Modelling Photo Shoots are available locally from f8 Photo Shots in the Welshpool, Powys area of Mid Wales.

The range of photo shoot packages offers everything you need from test shots to a full day photo shoot.

Prices are great value and detailed on the ‘prices’ page.

The range includes Portrait, Fashion and Glamour photo shoots in a well equipped studio workshop by a very experienced Photographer.  You choose the photography style!

From your photo shoot you get a set of edited proofs so you can select which images you want to include in your model portfolio.

Finished images are supplied on a CD and suitable for both prints and your internet portfolio site.

Your images will be edited and adjusted and airbrush retouching is included on some photo shoot packages.